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Forums Update #4: Creators' Update

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The forum is finally back and we are back on schedule with its development.

This update brings 3 major changes to the forums which would greatly benefit resource authors:

- Resource authors can now ask for donations on their resources. Payment using PayPal and Bitcoin is supported.
- A new Forum Sales section has been added for people who want to sell resources with limited quantity. Please note that even though you can pay for the items on the website, you must contact the author to receive the items. This process is just like any manual deals on the forums, the only difference is that the author could control his stock.
- The download tracker has been improved and it is now easier to see who downloaded which specific version of the resource.

Forums Update #3

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Hello everyone ;)

This is another regular announcement. Again, we would like to thank you everyone for your support. Within just 9 days, we have got over 120 members and a lot of interesting resources on the forums. Revenact is doing amazingly well. Today we have added the following updates:
- Added Chatbox
- Added auto close threads
- Added a lot of icons and descriptions in the forums
- Reorganized navigation bar
- Reworked homepage
- Improved Security

We are looking into a system where users can get free Minecraft & Web Hosting by simply be active on the forums. If you are interested, please check out

Thank you,
Revenact Team

Forums Update #2

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Heya, everyone!

Throughout the last few days, we've been working hard to bring you the following updates. :)

- Move the donation page to
- Updated the home page
- Improved performance significantly
- Added several resource category
- Added basic forum rules
- You can now sell resources on the forums
- Inbox folders
- Added country flags (you can turn this off in preferences)

Thank you, everyone, who has supported Revenact so far! If you have any suggestions, please let us know under the suggestions category.

~ Revenact Team

Forums Update

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Hello guys,

It is really amazing seeing the forums becoming active even when we are in pre-release stage. There are still a lot to be worked on.

Over the past few days, we have added the following updates:
- Added Banner, which could be used on your profile as well as on a thread
- Adding thread bumping option
- Fixed the color schemes
- Added the option to see how downloaded your resource and when
- Added reputation system
- A lot of other minor updates

If you guys have any suggestions at all, please make a thread about it so I could try to implement them today. I will be flying for the next 3 days and will only be available via Discord.


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