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  1. Patrick @ Patrick:
    Focus is meme @Focus
  2. Ethereal739 @ Ethereal739:
    shop -> credits -> purchase @Penguin
  3. Penguin @ Penguin:
    where can i buy credits
  4. Penguin @ Penguin:
  5. Patrick @ Patrick:
    @Gatto where is catto
  6. Ethereal739 @ Ethereal739:
    you can do it on a vps but you would need nested virt
  7. Ethereal739 @ Ethereal739:
    you need a dedi for linux containers
  8. Ethereal739 @ Ethereal739:
    cant do on vps
  9. Alp @ Alp:
    eth if you want run on windows, i need a test vps for that

Forums Update #16: Linked Accounts

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The long awaited update is here!

Previously, each user can only use 1 account at a time on the forums. If you want to post as a business, you would have to log out and log onto your business`s account. This is rather annoying.

This is no longer the case as you can easily link accounts together and easily toggle between them. Simply click on the link icon on the right side of the navigation bar and start connecting your accounts together.

Note: A user can have as many business account his he/her would like; however, each user is only allowed to have 1 personal account. Please becareful who you share the business account's information with. You may also not put yourself as a referral for your business account upon registration. All referral rewards will now be moderated to prevent abuse.

Once again, thank you for supporting us!
Revenact Team

Forums Update #15: Shop update

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We have made several changes to our shop:

- Ban user from thread has been removed to prevent abuse
- Automatic thread bumping has been removed due to incompatibility with automatic thread closing. Each buyer has been compensated 300 credits.
- User title change (for non-premium members) is now purchasable for 50 credits
- Sticky threads are now purchasable
- Highlighted threads are now purchasable

On top of that, referral rewards have been buffed to 100 credits/refer until 06/24/2019, so take the chance and invite all of your friends ;)

Forums update #14: Lots of bug fixes

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Hello there :)
Today we have patched a lot of bugs on our website:

- Issues where you cannot edit a post/thread have been fixed
- You can now post directly in Scam reports without having to make a ticket
- Security rules have been improved
- A lot of unnecessary/non-working features have been removed
- Issues with some resources not getting injected properly have been patched
- Increased activity logs
- Inconsistent permissions have been fixed

We have also added a new Premium Forum, exclusively for people with Premium rank upgrades ;)

Forums Update #13: Bug fixes

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Hello everyone :)

We have addressed several bugs that needs fixing:
- False positives when submitting posts
- Issue with the "unique items" in our shop
- Weird loading animation on the navigation bar

If you find anymore bugs, please post them in "Bugs and suggestions". Please use the forums instead of Discord for this as it is easier to track the issues that needs fixing :)

Thank you,
Revenact Team


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