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  • Adding WidgetBot to your website!
    Have you ever wondered what the Discord Widget on the bottom right of Revenact is? It is the WidgetBot.

    Official Website: https://widgetbot.io/

    There are 2 parts to setting this up. First of all, you will need to add an embed to your website. Add these lines to the <body> section of your website:

    <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@widgetbot/[email protected]" async defer>
    new Crate({
    server: 'your_server_id',
    channel: 'your_default_channel_id',
    shard: 'your_shard'

    The official shard is https://disweb.dashflo.io; however, you could also use our shard at https://widgetbot.thientran.io intsead if you have issues with the official bot's uptime.

    If you are using the addon https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xf2-8wr-discord-integration.6058/ for Xenforo and the widget does not show up in your theme, add the following lines before the </body> tag in your PAGE_CONTAINER:

    <xf:if is="$xf.options.EWRdiscord_widgetbot && !$xf.visitor.Option.discord_options.crate
    && $xf.visitor.hasPermission('EWRdiscord', 'viewCrate') && $xf.uri != link('ewr-discord')">

    <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@widgetbot/[email protected]" async>
    const crate = new Crate({
    server: '{$xf.options.EWRdiscord_server}',
    channel: '{$xf.options.EWRdiscord_widgetbot}',
    shard: 'https://{$xf.options.EWRdiscord_widgetbot_shard}',

    notifications: {{ !$xf.visitor.Option.discord_options.toast ? 'true' : 'false' }},
    indicator: {{ !$xf.visitor.Option.discord_options.count ? 'true' : 'false' }},

    Then, you will need to invite the bot to your server. To invite the official bots, check out https://docs.widgetbot.io/embed/crate/tutorial/. If you are using our shard, simply visit https://widgetbot.thientran.io to invite the bot.

    After that, the widget should be fully functional for your website ;)

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