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  • Username Customization

    So many usernames, so many combinations! This guide will help you with the color & icon system of Revenact.

    Standard Username Colors:
    There are 28 "standard" username colors that you can choose. In order to get access to these colors, you must purchase a Titanium or Platinum rank.

    You can set them by going to your User Menu -> Account Details.


    These standard username color will show on on your profile and your username in any section of the forums, including profile, thread list, postbit, resource list, and so on.

    Custom User Icons:
    There are a huge variety of username icons on Revenact. They will show up on the left side of your username and is visible across the forums. In order to get access to these icons, you must purchase a Platinum rank. You can set this by going to your User Menu -> Account Details.


    Custom Title Colors:
    Just like Custom User Icons, Custom Title Colors requires the purchase of a Platinum rank and can be set in your User Menu -> Account Details. Unlike the username colors however, the title colors are fully customizable and you can pick your own color.


    Bold Sparkling Username:
    The bold & sparkling effect comes with the Special Username Colors or the Platinum Rank. This effect is not customizable.

    Special Username Colors & Effect:
    These special Username Colors & Effect can be purchased in our shop. These usernames typically will override the Standard Username Colors in most places (with the exception of the thread & resource lists). The can be toggled on and off as items and can be gifted to other users.


    For the Gradient Rainbow Name, you must disable the standard user name colors for it to show up.

    Trusted Badge:
    This badge is only meant for a limited number of users and will show up on the right side of your username. It is not customization. For more information, check out:
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