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  • Forums Rules

    Please note that Revenact's rules are subject to change at any time. While we will make every attempt to notify you of changes, it is your responsibility to know our rules and follow them. Not knowing our rules is not a valid defense for having broken them.

    Last Update: Sunday June 2, 2019

    • Do not disrespect, slander, defame, troll, or otherwise trash another company, person, or thread.
      • Hosting providers and other service providers should not post in another provider’s thread unless it is a legitimate and verifiable review.
    • Do not impersonate another person, brand, or company.
    • Do not post content which adds no value to the conversation, topic, or thread.
    • Do not post content intentionally designed to mislead users.
    • Do not post pornographic or sexually explicit content of any form.
    • Under no circumstances will racial slurs or their variants be allowed or tolerated.
    • Do not create multiple accounts without permission from staff.
      • Each person is allowed up to one personal and one business account. Please DM me if you have a business account you're associated with.
    • Do not spam or promote spam.
    • Do not share personal information.
      • This includes name, email, phone number, physical address, social security number (or equivalent), banking information, or any other classified personal information.
    • Do not post images which are large in size.
    • Do not abuse the reputation, reporting, or reaction systems under any circumstances.
      • You may not use reputation or reactions as an incentive, reward, or fear tactic.
    • Do not post on threads in which the last response was over one month ago.
    • Do not make useless posts on a thread purely intended to “bump” it.
    • Always listen to a staff member's requests, commands, or warnings.
      • You may appeal post deletion or a ban with a higher staff member.

    • Do not advertise your product, service, or offer in a competitor’s thread.
    • Do not offer to buy or sell any product or service you have no intent of paying for.
    • Under no circumstances will leaking or unauthorized distribution be allowed.

    • Do not submit or advertise resources/downloads where the functionality is not as described.
    • Under no circumstances will resources/downloads with viruses, malware, or other malicious items be allowed.
    • Do not attempt to sell resources/files unless you own the content or have direct and verifiable approval from the creator.

    Credit System RULES
    • Under no circumstances does the Revenact team endorse, condone, or allow our users to spam, DM advertise, or otherwise unfairly abuse the new credits system or its referral links.

    Revenact Team
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