Revenact Update 34: AntiLeak Improvements

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May 6, 2019
Hello everyone :)

We hope you all are doing well. We have just updated our AntiLeak to support multiple file types.
As of now, ID Injection supports the following extensions: jar, json, txt, yml, css, scss, html, php, js, py, sh, sk, zip, 7zip. We can support any file types so long as they are not binary formats. If you have any file extensions that you would like us to add, please open a ticket.

Obfuscation is currently only supported in Java. For more information, please check out

Please also note that the injector will only go through 1 layer of .zip and .7zip. For example, a zip inside of a zip will not have its content tampered with by our injector.

If you are selling a resource on our forums, we highly suggest that you utilize our injector as a deterrent to piracy activities.

Revenact Team
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