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Jul 19, 2019
Hey there.

I've been thinking a lot about some ideas, and want to see if I can collect a team with these ideas. I would prefer if you had some experience within the area I'm promoting. (If unsure please dm me)

Alright! I've been thinking about making a huge hub server, in Denmark we have a server called super awesome. You can make your own 1GB server for free, manage plugins on it etc etc.

WELL! I want to make that, but on the international market.
So the idea is:
Players are allowed to create and manage a 1,5GB server with a limit on 10 plugins, which then will be connected to the main hub. Players can then use multiple methods of advertising their server either on the hub itself or outside of it.

Donators are allowed to create a 3GB server, 40+ plugins and allowed to use own branding like custom IP ( etc) SFTP access etc.
Investors are welcomed as well (I can't post it there, so hit me up in DMS for further information)

Atm the team is only Me.
So it's the position's below that are open.

Manager (0/1)
Developer (0/3)
Admin (0/4)
Moderators (0/4)

I hope someone is interested in this project!
I cant provide funding for staff, as the server costs might cost a bit. But as soon as the costs are secured by donations or something else can we talk about it. I'm open to it!!

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