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Apr 24, 2018
Hey, I’m currently looking for a job at somewhere that would be a fun enviroment to work in + pays well.

Im a hardworking, dedicated person, and can bring new ideas and suggestions to your project.

Im good with all things writing, managment and talking to clients.

Past experience(past few months)

Winter service team- Sales rep

Pharxus service team- sales rep to CEO

Cantox service team- Web Dev

Tiger web development- CEO/Main dev

Ad-Explore- CEO/main dev

Syte hosting- Support agent

Hyper services- web dev to CEO

Orisent Hosting- managment

Private plugins- Sales rep

Diversified- advertising department

Swicy alts- Web Developer

Purchasify- platform administratior

Acolyte service team- web dev intern

If you need me shoot me a dm and I would be happy to discuss!

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