Forums Update #8: Major changes

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May 6, 2019
This is probably the largest update Revenact has ever had.

Introduction of the new shop, credit, and referral system:

We have added a brand new credit system. Credits are now the official currency of the forums, which could be obtained through doing certain tasks on the Forums or through buying at a rate of $1/100 Credits. The credits then can be spent on our new store: It is also worth noting that users can send credits among themselves

The user upgrade system has been completely revamped. You can now buy perks, username modifications and rank upgrades as 'items'. These items can then be toggled on and off or gifted to other forums members.

We will also be holding monthly referral contests with massive rewards. Please check out to get your invite link and to view the current prizes.

Once again, thank you for supporting us :)
Revenact Team
Not open for further replies.

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