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David B's Host Oxheberg allows hacking scripts to be ran on the server...


New Member
Mar 12, 2020

So basically I went undercover as a Discord User named "KO" and went into the Oxheberg Discord sever, so I could ask a few questions to test and see what they allow.

I asked David B in PM's if I could host my 1.5TB of hacking scripts (which I don't actually have, I just wanted to test him). He said he couldn't offer 1.5TB in storage for VPS's, but never denied that I couldn't host my hacking tools.

So I responded saying I'd go with 3 500GB Storage VPS's. He then asked me for the budget, which I responded with $50 (obviously just to test him, I know it's almost impossible to offer that much for so little). He then asked if I meant per vm or all 3, I said all 3 (again just to test him). He then said he would check with the billing team and asked if he could get back to me tomorrow.

That was basically the entire convo with David B. Then Oxheberg's CSO, Ricardo M, PMed me and asked who I was, misspelling it to the point where I thought he was asking how I was. I said I was good. He responded saying that he saw me in Oxheberg and the asked what he asked before, except with no misspellings, which was who am I.

I responded to him by saying I am a possible customer depending on what the billing team says about my offer for the 3 500GB VPS's. He said Okay and that he can get that for me, then asked what did I buy from them. I said I Haven't bought and that David B was talking to the billing team to get all 3 of the VPS's for $50/month. He responds by saying all of what, like he didn't read the entire message from when I said I was a possible buyer. I said the 3 500GB VPS's. He said that he will check, then responded saying that the website was going through maintenance, and asked if I wished to buy anything soon. I responded by saying I'll see about buying soon and I may open a ticket.

I also responded upon that saying that David B said he would be fine with me hosting my 1.5TB of hacking tools and asked if that was fine with him. he asked what kind of hacking tools I used, I said it's my collection of tools I made and that I don't plan to run them on the sefver and that I just wanted to store them offisite. He asked if they can hack accounts and data. I responded saying then are botnet scripts, credit card stealers, randsomeare and malware scripts (keep in mind I have none of the above nor can even make any tools if I wanted to)


I also sent a screenshot of what David B said about the hacking tools. He said that I can do credit card stealers and he said to try it and screenshare. He then called me and I didn't answer of course. He then asked if I was going to join, and I responded by saying why would I do that and that he could be screen recording and to send to the feds or something. He said that he wanted to see how it can be used so I can get a proper server for it (meaning that he thought I was going to host it, and was completely fine with it. That's sort of sketchy to be honest).

I then responded by saying I don't plan on using it on the server and that I just needed a place to store it. He then said to create a ticket on the server, and I never responded after that and neither did he.

If it wasn't clear after the 5 times I mentioned it, I do not do any of the following and it was just to test them.

Hope this is enough proof that they are willing to host anything as long as they get money or a dmca takedown.


New Member
Feb 13, 2020
I really don't see anything wrong with them willing to host hacking tools, many hacking tools can and are used for ethical purposes. This includes credit card stealers but is less common. Large companies are willing to hire hacking groups to see anything and everything they can get from the company including card numbers. Whatever you host on your vps is your choice as long as it does not break the law.. and hacking tools don't.


Jan 19, 2019
^ I agree, but you really shouldn't be testing hosts. I'm pretty sure people have been blacklisted from hosts for using them as a "test".

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