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Jan 19, 2019
I'm selling custom Discord bots which you can request what you want on the Discord bot. The price varies probably about the max of $10USD and usually $3USD.

I will only make single purpose bots which are not too big. I will not make any bots that involves voice channels, website dashboards and/or commands to make commands.

Price may be increased if it involves more than the Discord API.

Few examples of simple single purpose bots are:
- Moderation Bots
- Ticket System Bots
- Bot with fun commands.
- Leveling System

Few examples of not simple single purpose bots:
- RPG Discord bots

I am not going to create people who ask to make a custom multipurpose bot which would take a long time.
I may refuse to take some orders if I cannot make it. The bot you are requesting shouldn't take too long to make.

I am not going to host the Discord bot forever.
When you buy the Discord bot, it will partially become "your" code, but I may still be allowed to sell the code for other customers requesting the same type of bot.

After you request a Discord bot, I will make it and provide a sample of how the Discord bot is like, then I will ask you for any changes needed. I will not provide you the source code yet nor give permission for you to own the bot yet. After everything is finished, I will ask you to pay for the bot. If decline, I have every permission to sell the bot I was originally going to make for you/the customer. If accept and successfully pay via PayPal, you will be given bot hosting for 30 days and not given the source code yet. This is to make sure you do not chargeback. If you chargeback, I will not give you the source code and stop hosting the Discord bot. If you successfully not chargeback, I will give you the source code in order for you to host it alone.

You may DM me on Revenact or Discord (@Two#4828) to purchase a bot. You must join or have a mutual server if you want me to friend you via Discord.

PayPal is currently the only payment gateway
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