1. C

    Other Pterodactyl Discordactyl - Pterodactyl Dark Theme | Discord-based Pterodactyl theme | Custom Login Page 1.0

    A pterodactyl theme based on discord's colors. Soon to be based on discord UI. I'll be releasing weekly updates, improving the theme. Join my discord for support: This theme does not have custom error pages yet, I'll be pushing those in the next update Previews:
  2. korho

    Pterodactyl Pterodactyl Blues [Theme for Pterodactyl] 1.0.2

    This theme is for the Pterodactyl panel only. Designed to work on version 0.7.15. This theme is a heavily edited version of the Pterodactyl default theme, to a fixed width and dark outfit. Theme’s main colors and much more are configurable trough simple PHP-file. Core Features Customized...
  3. iKaros

    Website [GAMING THEME] Universal Gaming 1.1

    Universal Gaming - v1.0 Gaming theme, ideal for gaming communities based on bootstrap. Tasks to do Make a pre-web cover ✗ The store will be launched, 100% integrated with the web ✗ More colors will be added to choose from ✗ Multilanguage translator ✗ User Panel (Teamspeak 3) ✓ Admin Panel...
  4. TommyTran732

    Pterodactyl Inactive Pterodactyl Theme - SecureSRV 1.0 - Final

    This is's old panel theme, used for early Pterodactyl 0.7.x versions up to 0.7.13 Usage: 1. Upload the files to your Pterodactyl root folder (commonly /var/www/pterodactyl). 2. Edit your environment file and set the theme to "securesrv". 3. Clear cache using the following...
  5. Gatto

    Pterodactyl Exclusive [57% OFF SALE] Pterodactyl Theme - Argon UI | Light Theme | Admin Zone Incl. | Disk/CPU/RAM Meters 1.0.1

    Install instructions are contained inside the downloadable ZIP file. For support and questions add me on discord (Gatto#0611) or start a conversation with me on this forum. NOTE: Distributing, redistributing and or re-selling the theme is not allowed. (You are not allowed to share/leak or...