1. raph.pts

    Website UltimeWh | Namelessmc | Pro theme 1.0.6

    Live demo: (clean version)
  2. smt287

    Pterodactyl Kunefe Theme (Dark & Modern) 1.1.4-sub

    The theme includes: Login page, 404 page, error pages Managemant and admin control panel. Updated css, js libraries (ex. fontawesome, sweetalert2) You can get support from Discord server. If you have purchased the product, you can send me a private message and request the discord server link...
  3. C

    Pterodactyl Discordactyl - Pterodactyl Dark Theme | Discord-based Pterodactyl theme | Custom Login Page 1.1.2

    A pterodactyl theme based on discord's colors. Soon to be based on discord UI. I'll be releasing weekly updates, improving the theme. Join my discord for support: Previews:
  4. korho

    Pterodactyl Pterodactyl Blues [Theme for Pterodactyl] 1.0.2

    This theme is for the Pterodactyl panel only. Designed to work on version 0.7.15. This theme is a heavily edited version of the Pterodactyl default theme, to a fixed width and dark outfit. Theme’s main colors and much more are configurable trough simple PHP-file. Core Features Customized...
  5. iKaros

    Website [GAMING THEME] Universal Gaming 4.0

    Universal Gaming theme Gaming theme, ideal for gaming communities based on bootstrap. It has a clean and intuitive user interface, with many functionalities that will make your website more special than others. (i) This design includes many functions for Teamspeak. More information in the...
  6. Gatto

    Pterodactyl Exclusive [57% OFF SALE] Pterodactyl Theme - Argon UI | Light Theme | Admin Zone Incl. | Disk/CPU/RAM Meters 1.0.1

    Install instructions are contained inside the downloadable ZIP file. For support and questions add me on discord (Gatto#0611) or start a conversation with me on this forum. NOTE: Distributing, redistributing and or re-selling the theme is not allowed. (You are not allowed to share/leak or...