1. Dillon

    MC World MC Configuration Minecraft Setup FrostedPoint Survival | Unused Server | Custom Spawn | 1.15.2 | All Plugins & World Included 1.0

    ▪ Custom Built Spawn ▪ Custom Villager Market (Shop) ▪ Grief Prevention ▪ LuckPerms ▪ Silkspawners ▪ Voting System ▪ 2 Crates ▪ MCMMO ▪ Kits ▪ 7 Donator Ranks Screenshots Once Purchased Dm and a template can be made. [Dillon B#9051] TOS You are free to...
  2. polite

    Offering [EU/UK] SRVPLEX ⚡i7 7700k 64GB RAM - £50 ⚡ Combahton DDoS Prot ⚡ NO SETUP FEES ⚡

    Our Discord: Our Website: Here is some of our services we offer: Web Hosting: Dedicated Servers: Here is some of our current dedicated server stock!
  3. Two

    Advertisement Organization Owners Discord Server

    Organization Owners A server with people who own organizations or something. Owned by typical Gta, not me. - Chat with people. [#general] - Apply for the "Verified Organization Owner" role. (does not need to be registered) [#name-your-organization] - Advertise your organization. [#promo-chat] -...
  4. Vqid

    MC Plugin NoInteract 0.0.1

    NO INTERACT! This plugin is extremely basic, but very useful for servers such as Lobbies. It stops any person without a permission(s) to not be able to interact with players, mobs, or blocks. It doesn't drop your inventory on death. It stops the person from dropping any items. Permissions...
  5. OSTKCabal

    Offering Verified An awesome thread for really awesome Chicago Dedicated Servers. | Ready2Frag

    Oh, hey there. How's it going? Ready2Frag has been in business since April 2014. We offer cool dedicated servers at a pretty fantastic price. But at the end of the day, we believe in one thing: no-BS hosting. We won't BS you around. We won't lie, we won't mislead you, we won't give you...
  6. Penguin

    Discussion What do you guys think is better

    Uxs Server 1U SuperMicro X9DRI-LN4F+ 2x Intel Xeon E5-2670 V2 384GB Ram 24x 16GB VS 2U SuperMicro 4 nodo servidor X8DTT-HF+ 8x Xeon X5670 6 Core 2.93Ghz 384GB Ram 2PS
  7. Penguin

    Discussion What do you think about this server

    Do you guys think this server can support my 96 server minecraft network? link to the server:
  8. brokengears

    Pterodactyl Revamped | [Player Counter] [Player List] [Detailed Server Info] | Real-Time Refreshing 1.8.2

    Revamped: The Coding behind this Add-On has been completely revamped. Latest Update: Implementation of "Detailed Server info". Read more below This is a Add-on for the Pterodactyl Panel. Compatibility: (Currently 0.7.13 | Add-on will be updated according to newer versions.) Currently supports...
  9. Bruce

    Closed Dedicated Server (Canada)

    Im reslling my old Canada dedi, its paid for a month and I could renew it for you. Specs: CPU: i7-7700K - RAM: 64GB DDR4 - DISK: 2x450GB NVMe Price: $65 (Reinstall price: First 2 free then $5) Message me here if you are interested (I can go first)
  10. Steam

    MC Configuration ✨Multi-colour motd's 5 new ones every week!✨ 1.2

    These are high quality motd configurations which every week 5 will be added. If you want a certain colour on request (Message me!) they support standard motd's, Bungecord motd's and ServerListPlus motd's. BTW this is also the 1st config on revenact aswell as the first paid...
  11. 2

    Offering [EXCLUSIVE] Hub setup

    Hello I am selling a hub server Spawn: Custom Built , has the worldguard and barriers done Ranks: Server has 3 ranks. Member, Staff & Owner. Member: Staff: Owner: