1. C

    Pterodactyl Discordactyl - Pterodactyl Dark Theme | Discord-based Pterodactyl theme | Custom Login Page 1.1

    A pterodactyl theme based on discord's colors. Soon to be based on discord UI. I'll be releasing weekly updates, improving the theme. Join my discord for support: This theme does not have custom error pages yet, I'll be pushing those in the next update Previews:
  2. MyCFG

    Pterodactyl PteroDark 1.0

    PteroDark modern & clean feature-rich theme working on: [✓] 0.7.13 & 0.7.16 Easy to install just follow the instruction in " Installations Guide " .
  3. KaasPlakje

    Script Pterodactyl Install Script 1.0

    This script will help you install the Pterodactyl panel and Daemon on your Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. You will need a domain, go to for a free domain or use ur already existing domain. -------------------------------------------------------------------- When you bought the...
  4. HeavyNode

    Offering Verified ⚡ HeavyNode ⚡ i9 MC Hosting @ $2.75/GB ⚡ Budget MC Hosting @ $1/GB ⚡ Public Node Stats ⚡

    We have also redesigned how our Pterodactyl panel looks for a more clean, modern and elegant experience.
  5. OCroqueMsieur

    Pterodactyl Pterodactyl |Oeuf DISCORD.JS 1

    FR: Pour l'installateur, suivez les instructions suivantes sur votre installation de Pterodactyl Panel: 1. Connectez-vous à votre panneau. 2. Dirigez-vous vers la zone d'administration en cliquant sur l'engrenage en haut à droite du panneau. 3. Accédez à la section Nids du panneau. Une fois...
  6. David

    Pterodactyl Universal Discord Bot Egg v3.0

    The following is an egg for the Pterodactyl Panel [], made for discord bots and supports pretty much every major language used for them. With this download, you will be able to host any number of discord bots on your own installation of Pterodactyl. Supported languages...
  7. korho

    Pterodactyl Pterodactyl Blues [Theme for Pterodactyl] 1.0.2

    This theme is for the Pterodactyl panel only. Designed to work on version 0.7.15. This theme is a heavily edited version of the Pterodactyl default theme, to a fixed width and dark outfit. Theme’s main colors and much more are configurable trough simple PHP-file. Core Features Customized...
  8. Emerald

    Discord Bot Pterodactyl Addon for SupportBot 2019-12-27

    Pterodactyl Addon For SupportBot 5 Download SupportBot: This Addon is created using nodeactyl which is a wrapper for pterodactyl. Client Commands: -startserver serverid -stopserver serverid -restartserver serverid -killserver serverid...
  9. SunnyLo

    Discussion Set up a Minecraft ddos protection

    Anyone know how to get it ready and setup as said in the title? (I'm running pterodactyl panel in Ubuntu 18.04)
  10. brokengears

    Pterodactyl Revamped | [Player Counter] [Player List] [Detailed Server Info] | Real-Time Refreshing 1.8.2

    Revamped: The Coding behind this Add-On has been completely revamped. Latest Update: Implementation of "Detailed Server info". Read more below This is a Add-on for the Pterodactyl Panel. Compatibility: (Currently 0.7.13 | Add-on will be updated according to newer versions.) Currently supports...
  11. Perhaps.

    Pterodactyl Ticket system | Pterodactyl | Built-in | Compatible with themes by Fonix 1.1-a

    Simple ticket support system. Have you ever wanted to have tickets built right into Pterodactyl? Now you can using this addon! This addon might lower average response times for your customers. Features: Ticket creation, Ticket states (open, closed, replied...), Ticket administration...
  12. TommyTran732

    Pterodactyl Inactive Pterodactyl Theme - SecureSRV 1.0 - Final

    This is's old panel theme, used for early Pterodactyl 0.7.x versions up to 0.7.13 Usage: 1. Upload the files to your Pterodactyl root folder (commonly /var/www/pterodactyl). 2. Edit your environment file and set the theme to "securesrv". 3. Clear cache using the following...
  13. Perhaps.

    Pterodactyl Subdomain Manager | Pterodactyl | Cloudflare | Compatible with themes by Fonix 1.0-a

    ## Installation steps: Upload the resource ZIP file to /var/www/pterodactyl Unzip the file - unzip Run the installation script - bash ## Post installation steps: Fill in your information by editing the .env file in /var/www/pterodactyl This version requires a...
  14. Gatto

    Pterodactyl Exclusive [57% OFF SALE] Pterodactyl Theme - Argon UI | Light Theme | Admin Zone Incl. | Disk/CPU/RAM Meters 1.0.1

    Install instructions are contained inside the downloadable ZIP file. For support and questions add me on discord (Gatto#0611) or start a conversation with me on this forum. NOTE: Distributing, redistributing and or re-selling the theme is not allowed. (You are not allowed to share/leak or...
  15. CrashOverride

    Offering Crash's SysA Service

    Hi there, my name is CrashOverride, or Seán. My system administration roots are embedded deep in games like Minecraft and Rust. From playing those games with friends, I went on to setup many communities and servers and built up my skills over time. Since then, I've become a System Administrator...
  16. TommyTran732

    Script Exclusive Pterodactyl Installation Script ✨Security✨All Major Linux Distros v1.37

    What does this script do? As the title says, it will install & upgrade the Pterodactyl Panel ( for you! My goal is to make the script as configurable as possible, to support as many operating systems as possible and to use the latest software on the market. Right now it...