1. franN

    Pterodactyl Billing System - 1.3.0 2020-07-11

    Pterodactyl Addon - Billing System FEATURES: - Automated Suspension & Renewal - Admin Dashboard - Promotional Codes - Categories - Products - Paymeht Methods: - Paypal - TOS system - Credit top-up - Invoices PDF's
  2. Two

    Discord Bot Pterodactyl Pylon Discord Bot (client api) 1.1

    You are not allowed to modify this bot to another Discord bot that is not coded with Pylon.Bot. It's finally here. The Pylon translated version of the Pterodactyl Discord Bot. What is Pylon? Pylon.Bot is an amazing Discord bot where you can code your own Discord bots within the bot. The best...
  3. doge

    Discord Bot Pterodactyl Bot 1.1

    Hello, here is a discord bot to help manage your panel, as of now it only has the ability to show servers and manage them but additional admin based commands will be coming soon in the future. If you need any help check to the wiki at the bots repository...
  4. jensjeflensje

    Other Pterodactyl Discord bot egg 1.0

    Warning: main support for this egg is Dutch! This is a Discord bot Egg for Pterodactyl with suppport for NodeJS, Java 11, Python (2&3), C# and binaries (such as Go). Installation To install, you just need to upload the egg and restart your daemon. Info The egg consists of an ubuntu 18.04...
  5. SundeepMC

    Offering Pterodactyl installation (for $1)

    Hello i'm Sundeep, i install pterodactyl for people they dont know how to install it. requirements: - A vps (1GB or more) - Operation system: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS if you are interested send me a message on discord: @Sundeep#2020 if you have questions react than below this post. - Sundeep...
  6. Rax

    Discussion Where's the best place to get pterodactyl addons?

    I don't know where to personally get pterodactyl addons my self, and I was wondering if the revenact community could help me out since I really, want to get cheap pterodactyl addons for a good price, I've been looking into mc market and this place and but, I don't really trust...
  7. KaasPlakje

    Discord Bot Pterodactyl Bot Betà 1.0

    This bot can connect to your panel and create/delete users and servers. It also has an order system. I will update this bot every few weeks.
  8. Two

    Discord Bot Inactive Pterodactyl Discord Bot (client api) 1.14.1

    Minemen Page: Development has stopped. Pterodactyl Discord Bot A customizable Discord bot which uses the Pterodactyl Panel API and the request NPM in order to work. This bot is self-hosted. To-Do List / Coming Soon: - (may...
  9. Joey

    Requesting GRE tunnel with Pterodactyl.

    Hello guys, I want someone to esthablish a GRE tunnel between a external server and a pterodactyl install for me. I will explain a bit more in dms. You can contact me on discord. Jo Oui#0001 (And yes, i'll pay you smh)
  10. Sillyre

    Pterodactyl SubDomain Manager Layout Fix for Argon UI Theme 1.0.0

    Use Gatto's Argon UI theme with Marci's Subdomain Manager! IMPORTANT: This is a layout fix, not a theme/addon. It is supposed to fix positioning of elements for these two resources. Screenshot: You must have the original resources to use this layout: Argon UI - Subdomain Manager. This...
  11. C

    Pterodactyl Discordactyl - Pterodactyl Dark Theme | Discord-based Pterodactyl theme | Custom Login Page 1.1.2

    A pterodactyl theme based on discord's colors. Soon to be based on discord UI. I'll be releasing weekly updates, improving the theme. Join my discord for support: Previews:
  12. MyCFG

    Pterodactyl PteroDark 1.0

    PteroDark modern & clean feature-rich theme working on: [✓] 0.7.13 & 0.7.16 Easy to install just follow the instruction in " Installations Guide " .
  13. KaasPlakje

    Script Inactive Pterodactyl Install Script | 50% OFF DUE COVID-19! 0.2

    This script will help you install the Pterodactyl panel and Daemon on your Ubuntu 18.04* or Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. You will need a domain, go to for a free domain, or use your already existing domain. -------------------------------------------------------------------- When you bought...
  14. HeavyNode

    Offering Verified ⚡ HeavyNode ⚡ i9 MC Hosting @ $2.75/GB ⚡ Budget MC Hosting @ $1/GB ⚡ Public Node Stats ⚡

    We have also redesigned how our Pterodactyl panel looks for a more clean, modern and elegant experience.
  15. OCroqueMsieur

    Pterodactyl Pterodactyl |Oeuf DISCORD.JS 1

    FR: Pour l'installateur, suivez les instructions suivantes sur votre installation de Pterodactyl Panel: 1. Connectez-vous à votre panneau. 2. Dirigez-vous vers la zone d'administration en cliquant sur l'engrenage en haut à droite du panneau. 3. Accédez à la section Nids du panneau. Une fois...
  16. David

    Pterodactyl Universal Discord Bot Egg v3.0

    The following is an egg for the Pterodactyl Panel [], made for discord bots and supports pretty much every major language used for them. With this download, you will be able to host any number of discord bots on your own installation of Pterodactyl. Supported languages...
  17. korho

    Pterodactyl Pterodactyl Blues [Theme for Pterodactyl] 1.0.2

    This theme is for the Pterodactyl panel only. Designed to work on version 0.7.15. This theme is a heavily edited version of the Pterodactyl default theme, to a fixed width and dark outfit. Theme’s main colors and much more are configurable trough simple PHP-file. Core Features Customized...
  18. Emerald

    Discord Bot Pterodactyl Addon for SupportBot 2019-12-27

    Pterodactyl Addon For SupportBot 5 Download SupportBot: This Addon is created using nodeactyl which is a wrapper for pterodactyl. Client Commands: -startserver serverid -stopserver serverid -restartserver serverid -killserver serverid...
  19. SunnyLo

    Discussion Set up a Minecraft ddos protection

    Anyone know how to get it ready and setup as said in the title? (I'm running pterodactyl panel in Ubuntu 18.04)