1. Anthony M.

    Other [DisPteroEgg] Minecraft Console Client EGG 1.0.0

    DisPteroEgg Ever wanted Minecraft Console Client on Pterodactyl and not a VPS? Get the egg now for completely FREE and enjoy the features provided to you by ORelio on Pterodactyl. Features: ⭐ Minecraft Console Client on Pterodactyl ⭐ Premium and Cracked connection Partners
  2. Gleemed

    MC Configuration [HQ] ✔️ Amber ShopGUI+ Configuration ✔️ [1.8.x-1.16.x] 1.0.0

    Amber ShopGUI+ Configuration is the first of the Amber series of configurations by Team Cubic. This configuration took us a bit to design and execute but we hope that it is good! This configuration has a couple of requirements. Vault ShopGUI+ Latest A spawner plugin I.E WildStacker...
  3. CrystalPvP_YT

    MC Plugin MC Configuration CrystalAC | Advanced Anti Cheat Detection | 1.8 FoxSpigot [50% Off] 1.0.2

    About CrystalAC: AFTER BUYING CRYSTALAC JOIN THE SUPPORT DISCORD TO RECIEVE YOUR LICENSE AND THE SPIGOT! CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR SUPPORT DISCORD! Owners: Crystal#8652, Rory_Renfro#5238 Description: Custom made AntiCheat from the ground up. Detects every client and cheat that we have tested...
  4. Riveranda

    Minecraft Riverland Anarchy

    Hello! Riverland Anarchy is the first true 1.15.2 Anarchy server! Join us at RiverlandAnarchy.com -Hacked clients are encouraged -Griefing is allowed -All major hacks are enabled. -Unmitigated use of elytra+ -Dupes have been patched to maintain a healthy economy -Backwards and forwards...
  5. canardyeu

    Website ✨ STAMPE - Minecraft Network Template✨ 1.0

    ✨ STAMPE - The most User-Friendly Minecraft Network Template✨ The most user-friendly template on the internet! This template helps people who doesn't know much about coding, they can easily edit it to make it suite their purposes. Why is this the best minecraft template on the internet...
  6. Dillon

    MC World MC Configuration Minecraft Setup Hand Built Survival | Custom Spawn | 1.15.2+ | All Plugins & World Included 1.0

    ▪ Custom Built Spawn ▪ Custom Villager Market (Shop) ▪ Grief Prevention ▪ LuckPerms ▪ Silkspawners ▪ Voting System ▪ 2 Crates ▪ MCMMO ▪ Kits ▪ 7 Donator Ranks Screenshots Once Purchased Dm and a template can be made. [Dillon B#9051] https://store.frostedpoint.ga/ TOS You are free to...
  7. Sillyre

    Website ✨Minecraft Website Template | Dark theme | Player count | Modern ✨ 1.0.0

    A beautiful Minecraft server landing page designed in BLK UI, fully customizable with integrated player count. All instructions are included in the ReadMe file when downloaded! Basic HTML knowledge to edit the template is expected. For support, join our Discord -...
  8. KaasPlakje

    MC Plugin XPKeeper (No keepinventory needed!) [FREE] 2020-04-09

    This plugin will keep the XP of players after they died. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I made this plugin because I needed this for my server with a MineXP system that works with the players XP bar. People can't keep their stuff but they...
  9. J


    DEMO: http://pro.minestorecms.com/ Dashboard (admin-panel) [Click!] (Credits: admin:admin) CONTACTS: Discord: JordyDeveloper#0217 PM me here; Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/BcDXPag If you liked this resource, please leave a 5 ⭐️ review. Thanks =)
  10. MyCFG

    Pterodactyl PteroDark 1.0

    PteroDark modern & clean feature-rich theme working on: [✓] 0.7.13 & 0.7.16 Easy to install just follow the instruction in " Installations Guide " .
  11. AccurateNode LLC

    Offering AccurateNode LLC | Game Hosting , Colocation, Dedicated, VPS

    Make sure you use promotion code "25%OFF" to get 25% off at check out on our Minecraft servers! Live Status: https://status.accuratenode.com/ Each additional IP costs $1 USD p/m for all services. Phone Support: +1(800)-710-9658 Servers are Owned in the USA and rented in the EU.
  12. Corebot

    Discord Bot [25% OFF]⭐️COREBOT⭐️| #1 Discord Bot with 600+ Features | Eco | Music | Tickets | Giveaways | & More 4.4.3

    LINKS: Corebot Documentation: https://docs.corebot.dev/ Support Server: https://discord.corebot.dev/ Legal Information: https://docs.corebot.dev/legal Corebot Addons: https://docs.corebot.dev/addons List Of Features: https://features.corebot.dev/
  13. HeavyNode

    Offering Verified ⚡ HeavyNode ⚡ i9 MC Hosting @ $2.75/GB ⚡ Budget MC Hosting @ $1/GB ⚡ Public Node Stats ⚡

    We have also redesigned how our Pterodactyl panel looks for a more clean, modern and elegant experience.
  14. ItzMarty

    MC Plugin ⭐ DoorProtect+ ⭐ Block Players from Entering Doors ⭐ Protect Your Door With 1 Plugin! ⭐ 2019-12-14

    DoorProtect+ - #1 Minecraft Plugin to Prevent Players from Entering Doors! v1.0 DoorProtect+ is an amazing plugin you dont want to miss out on. The plugin denies players to open doors and interact with blocks near the door. Please note this plugin is still on its BETA VERSION. If you find any...
  15. ItzMarty

    MC Plugin ⭐ EasyHub ⭐ #1 Hub Management System ⭐ Minecraft 1.12.2+ ⭐ Easy Setup & Go ⭐ v1.0

    EasyHub - The #1Hub Management Plugin v1.0 EasyHub is a hub management plugin made to help people have fun in your server hub. EasyHub has custom particle effects, join rocket and double jump. If you want to improve your Minecraft server then the best way is EasyHub. EasyHub will be set up and...
  16. Vqid

    MC Plugin NoInteract 0.0.1

    NO INTERACT! This plugin is extremely basic, but very useful for servers such as Lobbies. It stops any person without a permission(s) to not be able to interact with players, mobs, or blocks. It doesn't drop your inventory on death. It stops the person from dropping any items. Permissions...
  17. TorchNode

    Offering Verified [NA/EU] TorchNode.com | Reliable Minecraft, Web, and VPS Hosting | Intel Core i7 6700k - $1.50/GB

    Minecraft Premium Hosting (i9 9900k) for $2.50/GB - https://torchnode.com/premium [NA] Minecraft Budget Hosting (i7 6700k) for $1.50/GB - https://torchnode.com/budget NOW SUPPORTING MINECRAFT BEDROCK + MANY OTHER GAMES! Website & Discord link https://torchnode.com https://discord.gg/xMsfyWr...
  18. Jonny

    Requesting Java Plugin Developers

    I am hiring Java Developers that are experienced in writing plugins for Spigot/Paper/Sponge. Developers will be paid commission. To apply, please send your Resumé / CV along with a portfolio to Jonny#1001 on Discord and we can go from there.
  19. Zack


    CURRENT DISCOUNT CODES/PROMOTIONS: If you own a network, you may be eligible for certain benefits from EternityNode! Such as: - Free Proxy server - Dedicated support and billing agent - Discounts If you believe you are eligible, create a ticket in the discord down below. Discord...