1. Lloyd

    Minecraft Setup ⭐HUB/LOBBY SETUP 1.8 - 1.15.2⭐| GUIS | LIGHTWEIGHT | FREE | & MORE 1.0

    Hub 1.8 - 1.15 HUB SPAWN Hide & Show Players Hub Selector Scoreboard & Tablist Sever Selector To setup multiple hubs use bungeecord and to change [Hub 1] Message go to PlaceholderAPI > config.yml > Server_name: Spawn Credits to FallenKingdomsMC...
  2. KaasPlakje

    MC Plugin XPKeeper (No keepinventory needed!) [FREE] 2020-04-09

    This plugin will keep the XP of players after they died. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I made this plugin because I needed this for my server with a MineXP system that works with the players XP bar. People can't keep their stuff but they...
  3. Fro

    Discord Bot FroSkid - Open Source 2020-02-12

    FroSkid Don't pay for a crappy Discord Bot! This Discord bot featured a command handler with a config, screenshot, and a bunch of other cool commands! Some commands might be broken since this is an old bot. A new, paid, version will be coming soon, featuring a web panel! No support will be...
  4. JeremyJaydan

    Website Portflatio! A Beautiful Free & Simple Portfolio Website 1.0

    LIVE DEMO: Features include: - 100% Custom coded (no frameworks/libraries) - 100% static (no PHP) - Easy configuration - Beautiful design How do I configure? Simply open index.html and edit the meta tag values. Instructions unclear? Add me on Discord...
  5. Two

    Closed Free 5000MB Disk Quota CPanel Website

    I made a Discord bot with a WHM API, which can make a CPanel website. Nameservers: and After putting the nameservers to your domain, it may take the max about a hour for your domain and website to connect together. You have to use the command "!create" to make...
  6. Emerald

    Discord Bot Pterodactyl Addon for SupportBot 2019-12-27

    Pterodactyl Addon For SupportBot 5 Download SupportBot: This Addon is created using nodeactyl which is a wrapper for pterodactyl. Client Commands: -startserver serverid -stopserver serverid -restartserver serverid -killserver serverid...
  7. Emerald

    Website Inactive DISCONTINUED | Hydrolysis StaffCP Template 1.2

    This template has discontinued. No further development will made. Hydrolysis StaffCP Amazing | Responsive | Free Hydrolysis Theme WARNING: THIS TEMPLATE CURRENTLY WORKS FOR NAMELESSMC v2.0 PRE-6 DISCORD SERVER
  8. Steam

    Discord Bot Basic discord invite bot 1.0

    Discord bot which I have decided to make open source. Hope you enjoy it the syntax is. BTW you can make whatever you like out of this and this is also the first discord bot in the discord bot category in resources.
  9. Chris


    [***SURPRISE GIVEAWAY***]: Master Reseller Hosting 1/mo Just comment below why you want it and you are entered to win!
  10. NamelessMCHosting

    Closed NamelessMCHost | ⭐ Free / Paid ⭐ Web-Hosting

    Discord: Click Here Website: Click Here