1. hyper

    Offering Discord Bot Development

    Hello everyone! I'm gonna get right to the point: you get the sourcecode, customization options are available, and you get unlimited revisions up to three months after the sourcecode has been sent to the client. Prices are as followed: Welcome bot - $0.40 | Welcomes any new members to the...
  2. 59L

    Discord Bot Discord Pets | Corebot Addon 1.3

    Discord pets is a high-quality advanced pets addon for Corebot. This addon requires you to have the latest version of Corebot, if you don't have Corebot you can purchase it here https://corebot.dev/revenact Features: Customizable Messages Advanced config Create and customize your own pets...
  3. Liam1

    Discord Bot ☄️ SecuroBot ☄️ Secure your server EASILY 1.0.0

    Need to defend your server from bots? Purchase this Discord Bot! Need a Discord bot that can defend your server from raiders? Get SecuroBot to thwart them from bringing their anarchical behaviour to your server. The bot is simple to setup, all you need to do is open setup.bat and follow the...
  4. SundeepMC

    Offering Pterodactyl installation (for $1)

    Hello i'm Sundeep, i install pterodactyl for people they dont know how to install it. requirements: - A vps (1GB or more) - Operation system: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS if you are interested send me a message on discord: @Sundeep#2020 if you have questions react than below this post. - Sundeep...
  5. Two

    Advertising Organization Owners Discord Server

    Organization Owners A server with people who own organizations or something. Owned by typical Gta, not me. - Chat with people. [#general] - Apply for the "Verified Organization Owner" role. (does not need to be registered) [#name-your-organization] - Advertise your organization. [#promo-chat] -...
  6. Two

    Discord Bot Inactive Pterodactyl Discord Bot (client api) 1.14.2

    This resource is free now. Development has stopped. Pterodactyl Discord Bot A customizable Discord bot which uses the Pterodactyl Panel API and the request NPM in order to work. This bot is self-hosted. What does this bot do? This bot connects with the Pterodactyl Panel, using the API, with...
  7. Two

    Discussion How to Discord OAuth2 (nodejs and expressjs)

    Before I needed some help with Discord OAuth2 and pretty much 1 thing really helped me. It is the Discord Documentations, which I finally understand. I taught myself how to do it and all the other OAuth2 sites make no sense. Here's the simple code in doing it: const express =...
  8. C

    Pterodactyl Discordactyl - Pterodactyl Dark Theme | Discord-based Pterodactyl theme | Custom Login Page 1.1.2

    A pterodactyl theme based on discord's colors. Soon to be based on discord UI. I'll be releasing weekly updates, improving the theme. Join my discord for support: https://discord.gg/vFQhgTJ Previews:
  9. A

    Closed JS Resource Requests

    Hello, I am currently accepting javascript resource requests. I will be mainly doing discord bots, and offer them for free (if its simple) and paid if its complex. To request a resource please include this information : Resource Type (Example: Discord Bot) Features / Commands
  10. Corebot

    Discord Bot [25% OFF]⭐️COREBOT⭐️| #1 Discord Bot with 600+ Features | Eco | Music | Tickets | Giveaways | & More 4.4.3

    LINKS: Corebot Documentation: https://docs.corebot.dev/ Support Server: https://discord.corebot.dev/ Legal Information: https://docs.corebot.dev/legal Corebot Addons: https://docs.corebot.dev/addons List Of Features: https://features.corebot.dev/
  11. OCroqueMsieur

    Pterodactyl Pterodactyl |Oeuf DISCORD.JS 1

    FR: Pour l'installateur, suivez les instructions suivantes sur votre installation de Pterodactyl Panel: 1. Connectez-vous à votre panneau. 2. Dirigez-vous vers la zone d'administration en cliquant sur l'engrenage en haut à droite du panneau. 3. Accédez à la section Nids du panneau. Une fois...
  12. David

    Pterodactyl Universal Discord Bot Egg v3.0

    The following is an egg for the Pterodactyl Panel [https://pterodactyl.io], made for discord bots and supports pretty much every major language used for them. With this download, you will be able to host any number of discord bots on your own installation of Pterodactyl. Supported languages...
  13. Matt

    Offering Matt's Discord Bot Hosting (CHEAP)

    Hello, Revenact! I am offering my services of Discord Bot Hosting (JS) for only $1.50 USD/month/bot. You will have access to my Pterodactyl panel for easy, 24/7 access to your bot files and console. To purchase, DM me on Discord - Tqggle#0001 That's all for now, Matt! 0/2 Vouch Copies...
  14. David_

    Discord Bot [25% OFF] Donsic - Discord music bot 0.0.4

    (This resource is created and maintained by one of CentralHQ development team members) Bot test discord https://discord.gg/UvtzUvv Resource on mc-m HERE Price will go up as soon as donation module is added. DonSic - A Unique and cool Music Bot that brings FREE music features to everyone! It...
  15. Steam

    Discord Bot Basic discord invite bot 1.0

    Discord bot which I have decided to make open source. Hope you enjoy it the syntax is. BTW you can make whatever you like out of this and this is also the first discord bot in the discord bot category in resources.
  16. Its_Kaleb

    Closed ××× Galactic Bot Hosting ××× [$4.99 USD/month]

    Current bot languages we offer hosting for: × Node.js Join our discord and head on over to #information for more information! https://discord.gg/n7vCAq
  17. ghost_s1

    Closed Custom Discord Bot- For upcoming service team discord

    Ok, im currently looking for a quote on a custom discord bot that im going to need its development to start sometime next week. It has around ~30 custom commands, with more information in the link down below. PM me here, or more preferably on discord down below. PS: I have gotten quotes in the...
  18. Sam

    Offering 1$ Discord Setups! | Professionally Done!

    Sam's Discord server setups!! - Roles - Categories - Channels - Bots - Staff Perms - Logs --- Anything I am missing you wanted please state it in the comments section if there's somethiing else you want --- I can make Any Server Discords/Private Discords any discord you want I am here if you do...