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    Closed JS Resource Requests

    Hello, I am currently accepting javascript resource requests. I will be mainly doing discord bots, and offer them for free (if its simple) and paid if its complex. To request a resource please include this information : Resource Type (Example: Discord Bot) Features / Commands
  2. Corebot

    Discord Bot [25% OFF]⭐️COREBOT⭐️| #1 Discord Bot with 600+ Features | Eco | Music | Tickets | Giveaways | & More 4.4.3

    LINKS: Corebot Documentation: https://docs.corebot.dev/ Support Server: https://discord.corebot.dev/ Legal Information: https://docs.corebot.dev/legal Corebot Addons: https://docs.corebot.dev/addons List Of Features: https://features.corebot.dev/