1. hyper

    Offering Discord Bot Development

    Hello everyone! I'm gonna get right to the point: you get the sourcecode, customization options are available, and you get unlimited revisions up to three months after the sourcecode has been sent to the client. Prices are as followed: Welcome bot - $0.40 | Welcomes any new members to the...
  2. KaasPlakje

    Discord Bot Pterodactyl Bot Betà 1.0

    This bot can connect to your panel and create/delete users and servers. It also has an order system. I will update this bot every few weeks.
  3. Fro

    Other OCR Chat Bot 1.0

    Adobe Connect Chat Bot This was a chat bot originally made for Adobe Connect, however it can basically be used for anything. It utilizes Optical Character Recognition, and can be used offline. It does not interact with any API. The OCR engine is quite mediocre, and this program was made in...
  4. Corebot

    Discord Bot [25% OFF]⭐️COREBOT⭐️| #1 Discord Bot with 600+ Features | Eco | Music | Tickets | Giveaways | & More 4.4.3

    LINKS: Corebot Documentation: Support Server: Legal Information: Corebot Addons: List Of Features:
  5. David

    Pterodactyl Universal Discord Bot Egg v3.0

    The following is an egg for the Pterodactyl Panel [], made for discord bots and supports pretty much every major language used for them. With this download, you will be able to host any number of discord bots on your own installation of Pterodactyl. Supported languages...
  6. Matt

    Offering Matt's Discord Bot Hosting (CHEAP)

    Hello, Revenact! I am offering my services of Discord Bot Hosting (JS) for only $1.50 USD/month/bot. You will have access to my Pterodactyl panel for easy, 24/7 access to your bot files and console. To purchase, DM me on Discord - Tqggle#0001 That's all for now, Matt! 0/2 Vouch Copies...
  7. Steam

    Discord Bot Basic discord invite bot 1.0

    Discord bot which I have decided to make open source. Hope you enjoy it the syntax is. BTW you can make whatever you like out of this and this is also the first discord bot in the discord bot category in resources.
  8. Its_Kaleb

    Closed ××× Galactic Bot Hosting ××× [$4.99 USD/month]

    Current bot languages we offer hosting for: × Node.js Join our discord and head on over to #information for more information!
  9. ghost_s1

    Closed Custom Discord Bot- For upcoming service team discord

    Ok, im currently looking for a quote on a custom discord bot that im going to need its development to start sometime next week. It has around ~30 custom commands, with more information in the link down below. PM me here, or more preferably on discord down below. PS: I have gotten quotes in the...