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    Closed The roast of Crident networks

    Okay he we go. 1. They call them selves the "Daddy of game hosting" Proof: 2. There thread design is unprofessionally with little pepes everywhere. Proof: 3. Most of there previous rep on MCM was fake. Proof: Right now I have no images since it was removed. 4. Most of there features are...
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    Denied Create a loans section

    Hey! Can we have a loan section added like mcm?
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    Approved chatbox

    Hey, maybe we could have a chatbox so users can chat without having to create a thread.
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    Duplicate Add graphics to resources

    Hey, I'm uploading all my resources from other sites but there is no graphics section on revenact. Thanks!
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    Approved Configurations in resources

    Hey! I was going to upload some of my configurations to this website but there is no configuration section in resources. If you can add it would be great! - Quality Hosting