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  1. TommyTran732

    Discussion Does Revenact feel faster?

    Hey guys! I just wonder if Revenact feels faster for you guys after it has come back online? I have been tweaking quite a bit of stuffs in the back end yesterday to improve loading speed, but I don't know if it is noticeable or not :)
  2. TommyTran732

    Resource VMmanager 6 Cloudflare IPWhitelist

    TommyTran732 submitted a new resource: VMmanager 6 Cloudflare IPWhitelist - Only allowing Cloudflare to access VMmanager 6's interface! Read more about this resource...
  3. TommyTran732

    Offering Tommy's System Administration Service

    Hey guys, As some you may have known, I am back as a freelancer now. I charge $20/hour for my services, and I am experienced with Red Hat and Debian based systems (which includes Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc). I can handle basic service configurations, LEMP/LAMP stack setups, basic linux...
  4. TommyTran732

    Tom Chilvers | BriskNode

    Let discuss who Tom Chilvers is. This is perhaps one of the nastiest people to ever set foot in our community. It all goes back to the good old days of 2018, where he ran a SummerHoax claiming that he owns the Datacenter and whatnot. He ended up getting exposed in spectacular fashion: Of...
  5. TommyTran732

    UEFI with RAID Workaround

  6. TommyTran732

    Giveaway Sander Van Vugt Videos, books, ebooks 65% off code

    Hey everyone, I got this code for buying a lot of his courses. It is expiring soon and I don't think I will buy another product before February 6 so I am giving it away. I do highly recommend his video courses as they are very educational and I even passed the LFCS exam thanks to them :cool...
  7. TommyTran732

    Requesting Cheap Swiss servers

    Hey yall, I am currently looking for an afforable Swiss Dedicated server. I was looking at but their pricing is a bit too expensive for me, considering the specs. Let me know if you know of any other good hosts or if you have any offers. Requirement: 1. It has to be in...
  8. TommyTran732

    Resource ✨Multi-colour motd's 5 new ones every week!✨

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  9. TommyTran732

    Discussion Which album are you currently listening to?

    :cool: Just wondering what everyone is listening to lol I am listening to this one: Good ole musik
  10. TommyTran732

    Proxmox License Notice

  11. TommyTran732

    Discussion How often do you get the reCaptcha prompt?

    Hi guys, I am trying to fine tune our firewall so it is less annoying for our users. I wonder how often do you guys get the Google reCaptcha prompt? Thanks, Thien
  12. TommyTran732

    Resource Xilla Installation Script

    TommyTran732 submitted a new resource: Xilla Installation Script - Easily Setup Xilla Controller & Backup Server Read more about this resource...
  13. TommyTran732

    Discussion Pearson IT Certification Discount Codes

    So yeah some of you have been asking me for the discount code for these courses: You can use the code SANDER60 to get 60% off on all of them. If you see a $60 off, ignore it and head to the checkout page...
  14. TommyTran732

    Revenact Update 34: AntiLeak Improvements

    Hello everyone :) We hope you all are doing well. We have just updated our AntiLeak to support multiple file types. As of now, ID Injection supports the following extensions: jar, json, txt, yml, css, scss, html, php, js, py, sh, sk, zip, 7zip. We can support any file types so long as they are...
  15. TommyTran732 | CellBaror a.k.a ItzAwesome is back!

    :cool: Ah yes, our mighty leaker is back. As of now,, the notorious host using fake bank accounts and scam host is redirecting to Fabit's host's discord. It turns out, the massive joke of a human being known as ItzAwesome is working as their "System Administrator"...
  16. TommyTran732

    Resource Effective Cloudflare Firewall Rules

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    Resource Unified Network Lobby

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    Resource Virtualizor Dark Mode Theme (50% OFF)

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    Resource Dark Hastebin

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