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Discord Bot SupportBot | #1 Support System for Discord 5.2.2

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  1. SupportBot5 Update 8

    SupportBot Update 8 SupportBot is a fully customizable discord support application, it has the...
  2. SupportBot5 Update 7

    UPDATE URGENTLY! The update that was released yesterday seemed to have an issue with tickets not...
  3. SupportBot5 Update 6

    SupportBot Update 5 SupportBot is a fully customizable discord support application, it has the...

Latest reviews

Changing review: So, I actually saw how SupportBot works and it is amazing. I made an addon (with help from Emerald) and it works pretty well and cool to make one. This bot functions really well and there's a lot of customization you can do. I think, this one Discord bot can help you function a Discord bot really well. It is self-hosted so you can add as many features as you want. There should be a whole wiki and site/category dedicated to SupportBot and unofficial addons.
Excellent support bot! Massive customization and the addons are great!
Very nice bot, its very useful if you want to run a good discord server.
Nice support bot . Well made and optimized. Best part is "free"
Amazing Discord Bot, addons are great too!
My go-to bot for self-hosting. Seems like an active support community.
Nice bot would recommend to anyone
very nice very nice me like emeralds stuff
I used this for my Minecraft Network discord server. It's an amazing bot that adds a level of customizability and a lot of features other than tickets, with add-ons too! The best part? It's FREE!