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Development has stopped.

Pterodactyl Discord Bot
A customizable Discord bot which uses the Pterodactyl Panel API and the request NPM in order to work.
This bot is self-hosted.

To-Do List / Coming Soon:
- (may not be implemented) In the command "send", if the argument is "start", sends a start signal to the focused server.
- Ability to set multiple focused servers and you can set a name on them. (Suggested by Griffindor30)
- SupportBot addon of the bot.

What does this bot do?
This bot connects with the Pterodactyl Panel, using the API, with Discord, using the NPM discord.js.
There are simple commands in the Discord bot-like "info" and "listservers", which you do not even need to go to the panel in order to do some features on the Pterodactyl panel!
It uses the request NPM to connect with the Pterodactyl Panel.
There is a custom commands feature where you can make your own commands. Check the update page for some documentation.

Discord Commands
[prefix]help - The help command.
[prefix]links - Shows links to the Pterodactyl panel.
[prefix]setapi - Set your API in the database. run this command in the bot's DMS
[prefix]delapi - Delete the API key from the database.
[prefix]focus - Focus a server using the server ID.
[prefix]delfocus - Delete the focused server from the database.
[prefix]listservers - Shows the list of servers you own.
[prefix]info - Shows your focused server's information.
[prefix]power - Use power signals to the focused server.
[prefix]send - Send a message to the focused server.

  "token": "enter token here",
  "prefix": "prefix!",
  "panellink": "pterodactyl panel link, errors if it is not valid",
  "color": "RANDOM",
  "statusname": "with the Pterodactyl Panel",
  "statustype": "PLAYING",
  "whitelist": ["enter user id", "another user id", "etc"],
  "cputype": 0,
  "checkpower": 1,
  "checksend": 1,
  "sharedapi": null,
  "sharedfocus": null,
  "disablelinkscmd": 0,
  "footername": "",
  "footerimage": "",
  "zerodiskmsg": "∞ MB",
  "zerorammsg": "∞ MB",
  "disableembedlinks": 0,
  "beforeidmsg": "#"
  • The json variables "statusname", "statustype" and "whitelist" is not required.​
  • If "whitelist" is not defined, anyone will be able to use the bot. In order to whitelist one person, you have to set the variable as ["user id"] without any commas.​
  • If "statusname" and/or "statustype" is not defined, there will not be a custom bot status.​
  • "color" can be "RANDOM" to be a random color or "#hex-color-code" in order to be a specific color. It affects all embeds.​
  • "panellink" is the Pterodactyl Panel link. (example:​
  • "prefix" is the command "prefix".​
  • "token" is the Discord bot's token.​
  • "cputype" is for the "info" command. If cputype is 1, it will show vCores in the "info" command. If cputype is 0, it will show how much CPU is being used. Any invalid number or strings will become "0". If this is "2", it will show Cores in the "info" command.​
  • "checkpower" effects the "power" command. If checkpower is 1, it will check the current power of the server before running it. It cancels some power option requests if it is unnecessary like it would stop you from running a start power option if the server is already on.​
  • "checksend" is much like "checkpower", but it effects the "send" command instead. When "checksend" is set as 1, it checks if the server is on before running the command. If the server is not on/starting, the command is canceled. If the server is on/starting, it runs the command.​
  • "sharedapi" and "sharedfocus" are used to share an API key and/or server ID. The shared API key will not be revealed within the bot (unless modifications). If "sharedapi" and "sharedfocus" are both set, there is no point of "config.json", yet still keep it or else the Discord bot will not function. (You can set "config.json" to "{}".) In order to share an API key and/or server ID, you can change null or whatever the value of the variable is currently to your shared API/server id given in the Pterodactyl panel. Some commands will be disabled if they are set. If you have the shared API set, you will not be able to run the command "setapi" and "delapi". If you have the shared focus server id set, you will not be able to run the command "focus", "delfocus" and "listservers".​
  • "disablelinkscmd" can be set to 1 (not a string, integer/number) in order to disable the "links" command. The command is also removed from the help command.​
  • "footername" and "footerimage" is to set the footer of the embed messages. "footername" can be set to "" to disable it. "footerimage" is a link.​
  • "zerodiskmsg" and "zerorammsg" are custom unmetered disk/ram messages. You can change "0MB" (which means unmetered) to whatever you want and is set as "∞ MB" as default.​
  • "disableembedlinks" will disable links to the panel from embed titles and the listservers and info command. This does not include the links command.​
  • "beforeidmsg" will set what is displayed before the focused server id in commands.​

The bot uses "config.json" as a database.
Each person can set their own api and focused server.
No extra license key or something like that is required. There is a file called "LICENSE.txt" in the zip file. You may not distribute the zip file.

NPM Installation
Requires node.js v12 or higher.
npm install discord.js
npm install request
(c) Copyright 2020

OWNER AND CREATOR - Two (not real name)

Permission to use, hold, fork, distribute (as in publish, not giving the Discord bot to other people or things), sublicense, merge, modify, copy, or sell (but the buyer must also have bought the bot form the original source) Software are only for individual people and companies which is hold by an authorized person or/and customer, any not authorized usage of software can result in a DMCA takedown behalf a staff members of the Software. The license can change any time from authorized staff members of the Software.

No permission to resell Software.

You agree to follow the TOS in order to have the permissions to use the resource.
License may change any time, the latest license in the Revenact page is the license you must update and respect.

Software is licensed under custom license by Two.

Help Command: (shows a list of command)

Links Command: (shows links to the Pterodactyl Panel)

List Servers Command: (lists servers you can access to)

Info Command: (shows server information)

Power Command: (runs a power action, the picture below shows "[prefix]power start", which starts the server if not already)

Send Command: (send a command in Discord to the Pterodactyl panel, the server is online so the command works)
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Latest updates

  1. Final update. Embed titles.

    This might be a small update but it is also most likely the final update. You can now: embed...
  2. More Custom Command Keywords!

    - Fixed error messages. (Instead of "<letter>[number]", it is now "<keyword>[number]") - Added...
  3. I fixed the power command.

    I accidentally broke it while trying to make custom commands so now it is fixed.