ApolloCore - For Prison Servers - 50% DISCOUNT

MC Plugin ApolloCore - For Prison Servers - 50% DISCOUNT 1.1.0

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ApolloCore is a brand new extremely fast prison core. With a properly optimized server you can see start times of under 3 seconds and can hold 20 players using less then 512MB ram. This core also covers everything you need for a fun prison server. Please keep in mind that ApolloCore is still in early development and some features may be lacking. We will be posting near-daily updates over the next few weeks to keep expanding our features and improving the quality of the core.

Due to this, we will be keeping a discount of 50% that will drop over over time until we deem it ready for the full price. So make sure to buy it quick before you're paying full price!

ApolloCore is designed for 1.12.2 only right now. I may add 1.8 support however 1.8 is 6-7 years old. I highly recommend running 1.12.2 with Via Version + ProtocolSupport + OldCombatMechanics. It will make it just like 1.8 but with the improvements of 1.12.2

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  • Rankups (+ Rankup Max)
  • Prestiges
  • Masteries (Resets)
  • Custom Enchantments (Only supports tokens)
  • Token Economy (Token shop not added yet)
  • AutoSell + Sellall
  • MOTD
  • Scoreboard
  • Crates
  • Luckyblocks
  • Economy (Not vault enabled yet)
  • Kits
  • Missions
  • Mines

Please note these only work within the plugin currently.

Server Placeholders:
- %server_name%
- %prefix%
- %header%
- %footer%

Player Placeholders:
- %player%
- %player_name%
- %rank%
- %rankup%
- %money%
- %money_formatted%
- %tokens%
- %tokens_formatted%
- %rankup_cost%
- %rankup_cost_formatted%
- %rankup_progress%
- %prestige%
- %mastery%
- /apollocore - apollocore.admin
- /eco - apollocore.econ
- /tokenadmin - apollocore.tokens
- /gamemode - apollocore.gm
- /fly - apollocore.fly
- /speed - apollocore.speed
- /clear - apollocore.clear
- /booster
- /pvp
- /mine or /warp
- /ranks
- /rankup
- /rankupmax
- /prestige
- /master
- /motd
- /spawn
- /crates (Admin permission is apollocore.crates)
- /repair
- /message
- /reply
- /website
- /discord
- /pay
- /help
- /apollomines
- /setspawn
- /createkit
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Feel free to send me a DM on site, or join our discord here https://discord.gg/XxaaCdj for faster responses.

ApolloCoreArtboard 1Dependencies.png

None! That's right, absolutely none. However we do support a few Mine plugins for easy integration. In mines.yml there is the setting "mine-system" in the first section. You can set this to Internal, JetsPrisonMines, Mines, PrisonMines or MineResetLite.
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Latest updates

  1. Mines mines and more mines! Oh and other snazzy stuff.

    Basically, I added in our own Mine system that uses a custom gradual loading system that makes a...
  2. Crates Fix

    I have added a fix for the admin command for crates, I never updated it for the config system...
  3. GUI Fix

    The crates gui said "Enchantment Center". It now says "Crates".

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Works exactly as advertised. Would recommend for anyone looking for a Prison Core!
Oh and Mines is a great combo for this plugin, Mines is also a great buy! ;)
Sehr gut mein freund
danke schön