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    so many updates
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    @TommyTran732 can we have css snow please
  5. TommyTran732 @ TommyTran732:
    the hypocrisy is real
  6. james121op @ james121op:
    drama isn't to bad you just have to be in the right mood
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  8. AshleyHunter01 @ AshleyHunter01:
    Not me.
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  10. TommyTran732 @ TommyTran732:
    @AshleyHunter01 lets be honest here
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    it is tomorrow here
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    I will announce a new big update tomorrow
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    what are you even seeing
  19. TommyTran732 @ TommyTran732:
    it is on the same line though?
  20. james121op @ james121op:
    and looks retarded no offense
  21. james121op @ james121op:
    its not on the same line
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    I finally fixed the icons :D
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    usually its easier to talk to me via discord
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    @TommyTran732, Can you please read my PM ?

Revenact Update 21: Complete Overhaul

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As you may have noticed in the last few days, the forums has gone through drastic changes. Most notably, we have completely reworked the navigation system. Revenact will now use Topics rather than the traditional forums sections.

Some of the major updates:
- Verified Hosts can now request a "verified" badge to be added to their threads
- Improved content searching
- Advertisement pricing has been reduced
- Credit rewards for posting threads
- Old threads are no longer automatically closed
- Forums <-> name synchronization has been disabled
- Linked accounts have been temporarily disabled

Winter Referral Contest

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The winter referral contest has come out.

Invite your friends to Revenact and enjoy massive rewards. In addition to rewarding our members 20 credit/user referred, we are also giving out a huge amount of credits to the top contenders, with payments as high as 3000 credits.

For more information, check out

Revenact Update 20: Backend Update

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Revenact has been updated to the latest version of Xenforo, 2.1.3!

Along with it, a lot of addons and theme has been updated. The following bugs have been fixed:
- Broken fonts in the Shop's cart
- Sticky threads are now separated from regular thread
- Glitching buttons on a few pages

Of course, the update is not without its flaws. We are aware of the issues with the Discord widget and are working to fix it. If you notice anything irregular on the website other than it, please let us know.

Thank you,
Revenact Team

Forums Update 19: Verified Hosts

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Hello everyone,

Legally registered hosting companies can now earn a "Verified Host" badge on our forums. Simply open a ticket on your business account with your company name, proof of registration and website link. Your company also has to be in business for at least 1 month. Please note that forging/faking a document sent to us will result in a permanent ban on both your business and regular account.

We are also looking into adding more perks for these business accounts down the road, such as giving them an additional "Verified" prefix to their thread. For anyone who is wondering, no, we WILL NOT split the forums into 2 separate sections.

Revenact Team
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