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  1. Patrick @ Patrick:
    Focus is meme @Focus
  2. Ethereal739 @ Ethereal739:
    shop -> credits -> purchase @Penguin
  3. Penguin @ Penguin:
    where can i buy credits
  4. Penguin @ Penguin:
  5. Patrick @ Patrick:
    @Gatto where is catto
  6. Ethereal739 @ Ethereal739:
    you can do it on a vps but you would need nested virt
  7. Ethereal739 @ Ethereal739:
    you need a dedi for linux containers
  8. Ethereal739 @ Ethereal739:
    cant do on vps
  9. Alp @ Alp:
    eth if you want run on windows, i need a test vps for that

Forums Update #12: Lotteries

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Hello, today we have another small update for the forums:

Lotteries have been introduced. To join the weekly lottery, simply click on Shop - > Lottery. The rules are rather simple:

- Each ticket will cost 50 Credits
- You will have to pick 1 of the 10 numbers provided to you
- If your number is drawn, you will be given 500 Credits
- The lottery will be drawn weekly. The first draw will be next Sunday, June 16th.

Forums Update #11: Tickets!

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We now have a ticket system.

To access your tickets or to open new ones, go to Forums -> Tickets. It is also accessible via this link:
Please also note that all tickets in the Scam Report category will be publicly displayed in the Scam Report forums. If you want to privately report someone for suspicious behaviors, please choose the General Support category instead.

Once again, we are thankful for your continued support. More updates are coming soon!

Revenact Team

Forums Update #10

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Hello everyone :)

In this update we have addressed several CSS issues on the website. The off-center buttons have been fixed. In addition, we have also

- Added Quick Search
- Improved load time by 30%
- Added view history to forums and resources
- Reworked the sidebars
- Added quick resource sorting
- Added more rewards to the credit system. For the full list of rewards, please check out:
- Removed personal post thread statistics
- Removed thread questions
- Added best answer button

More updates are soon to come ;)
Stay tuned!

Forum Update #9: Anti-Leak and Groups

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One of the awaited updates to Revenact...

Stuff we added:


  1. Campaign goal
    $188.50 of $1,500.00

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